28 Sep

We seem to really loveGlamright?? Lol

Helloo Sexy! Lets take a moment to appreciate this packaging!


I was thrilled when GLAMGLOW launched in South Africa this year. Finally, we had access to the luxury brand without having to travel or pay in Dollars. One of their bestsellers is the Supermud Clearing Treatment, & I had to try it out for myself. First, let me just say, it does not disappoint.


“Suggested Usage: -Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5-20 minutes. Pore-Matrix™ technology will reveal dots of vacuum extractions.”
I use a Facial Mask Brush to apply the mask evenly. {Apply in a timely manner as the product does dry pretty quick.} Don’t apply anywhere near your eye area. Supermud has a minty smell that kind of stings your nose at first… It does have a tingle.

After 20mins, I wash off thoroughly using a Facial Sponge. You may tone & moisturize thereafter, & don’t forget to use a good Sunscreen.


This mask is made up of activated charcoal & mud – which helps to suck up dirt and excess oil. When applied at first, its dark in colour, and as the mask dries the colour lightens, then you will visibly see tiny dots pop up as the deep congestion is pulled to the surface. WOW. I saw results with my very first application. My face felt clean, mattified & fresh. My skin even felt smoother, & make-up seemed to glide on twice as good as normal – so its a good choice as a prep mask before that special occasion.

If you have Dry Skin, this product isn’t for you – it’s super intense. You may find dry or sensitive areas of your face become flaky. If you have Combination Skin you can incorporate it into a multi-masking routine by applying it to your T-Zone and smearing a hydrating mask to the rest of your face. Multi-masking is amazing because you can treat different spots with different needs all at the same time! Tailor making your mask takes your treatment to the next level!

The product also works as an overnight spot treatment- just dab on spots before bed, when that unexpected acne comes up.


The price difference is huge between Glam Glow and other Charcoal Masks out there. Is it worth the high retail price?? I think so. I have tried other charcoal masks claiming similar results – but nothing comes close to this. I do think it is a supportive product to have in your skincare regimen.

What masks are you loving at the moment?

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